Zoot open water swimming series Pühajärve

Date: 14 June 2018
Location: Lake Pühajärv, Pühajärve Spa Hotel’s beach, Otepää (Pühajärve, 67414 Valgamaa)

Time and distances
18.00 main race 2 km
18.05 children’s race 250 m

NGO Sportlik Eesti and partners

NB! The organizer has the right to change the distances if necessary due to weather conditions the morning of the race day at the latest.



Friday, 7 July
14.00-19.00 Race centre is open
14.00-17.35 On the spot registration and issuing race materials at the race centre (ends 30 minutes before the corresponding start)
18.00 1. start open water swimming 2 km
18.05 2. start open water swimming 250 m
20.00 Awards ceremony of the open water swimming


Age limits
All who are interested and fit to complete the distance can participate in the open water swim. Underage children need the permission of a parent or a guardian.

Only age groups specified in the regulations are allowed in the corresponding start.

Age groups:
Men and women, boys and girls are considered separately

Main distance 2 km
F/M 14-19: born 2004-1999
F/M 20-29: born 1998-1989
F/M 30-39: born 1988-1979
F/M 40-49: born 1978-1969
F/M 50-59: born 1968-1959
F/M 60-69: born 1958-1949
F/M 70-79: born 1948-1939
F/M 80+: born 1938 and before

Children’s distance 250 m
F/M -13: born 2005 and later
Competitors are allocated into age groups by the age of the competitor on 31.12.2018

Registration and issuing of race materials

  • Pre-registration is open on the Zoot open water swimming series webpage until 12 June 2018 (23:59).
  • On the sport registration, re-registration (10 Euros) and issuing of the race materials in on Thursday (14 June) from 14.00 until 30 minutes before the respective start.
  • You need to present an ID to get your race materials.
  • When picking up your race materials, the competitors must agree to the general rules and the hold-harmless agreement of the competition and sign them.
  • If the event is cancelled due to Force Majeure entry fees will not be refunded.
Until 12.06.2018 On the spot 14.06.2018
Swimming (2km) 12 EUR 22 EUR
Swimming(250m) 5 EUR 5 EUR

Confirmation of registration
The competitor is registered only after payment. The fee will be calculated by the time of payment not by the time of registration.

By registering, the participant (in case of underage competitors the parent/guardian) declares to be responsible for own (the competitor’s) health status, and agrees that the organizer is not liable for health damage or loss of personal property during the event.

Registration fees include

  • Professional organising by NGO Sportlik Eesti
  • Marked and secured course
  • Electronic timing
  • Medical aid if necessary

Awards ceremony
Three best male and female swimmers in all age groups will be awarded with a diploma and a prize.

It is mandatory to participate in the awards ceremony in order to receive the prize. If the competitor can’t be at the awards ceremony, their coach or representative can accept the award.

The organizers will not give out the awards after the ceremony.


  • No swimmer shall be permitted to use or wear any device which may be an aid to their speed, endurance or buoyancy.
  • Wetsuits are mandatory if the water temperature is below 15°C and allowed if the water temperature is not over 23,9°C
  • The competitor’s one or both shoulders (cheeks if wearing a wetsuit) will be marked with their race number with a waterproof marker. The competitor must not remove the number before finishing.
  • The competitors must wear the swimming cap provided by the organizers.
  • Each competitor is responsible for their swimming skills and health status and must sign a health status declaration before the race. For competitors under the age of 16 the declaration must be signed by a parent or coach.
  • All questions not answered in the regulations or which are arguable will be handled by the head referee.


Race courses

2 km main distance swim course


Start is at the beach of Pühajärve Spa Hotel

Swimming is in Lake Pühajärv. The competitors must swim a one 2 km loop around the island. Finish is in the water.


250 m children’s distance course


Start is at the beach of Pühajärve Spa Hotel

Swimming is in Lake Pühajärv. The competitors must swim a one 250 m loop.

Timing chips are provided by race organizers and must be returned to them after the race. If the chip is lost, the competitor must pay for it (45 Euros). 

Time limits
2 km distance: 1h 15 min
250m distance: 15 min

Medical aid
Race organizers provide a medical aid point at race centre during the whole race.

Lost and found
All items found will be taken to race information tent. After the race please send all inquiries for lost items to info@trismile.ee